What Would You Do if the Internet Disappeared?


We humans consume a lot of information these days and more and more of it is trending online.   Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, online news, eBooks, digital apps to make life easier and weather apps and websites, we use the internet to get much of what we know.   Of course it wasn’t always that way because people only had books made out of paper to read and get information–and each other.   But what happens if and when the online realm of life disappears?  What happens when for whatever reason, the internet became inaccessible to us?  What would you do without Facebook, WordPress, CNN or your favorite internet-based phone apps?

Of course many of us don’t really care about what if scenarios because….well, none of what I’m talking about has happened before.  At least on a large-scale.  Maybe you have experienced a lost internet connection for a day but it’s usually an isolated event.   In many cities where business demands it, a reliable internet connection is essential.  However, I think if we have put all of our trust into online media and the internet to always exist and be our sole means to get news and current events, we are headed for a mistake bigger than most people care to imagine.   Unfortunately many lives would come crashing down.

The one question I so often wonder about is why aren’t many of us talking about it?  Anybody? Maybe it would do us good to pause and consider the future–especially the one that pertains to the afterlife.

Have you ever asked yourself, would you consider yourself to be a good person?  Good enough to go to heaven?  How will you know?  Why not check out the good person test linked at http://www.AreYouGood.us today since none of us are promised tomorrow on this earth.

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