You Don’t Have to Be Stupid


I believe the vast majority of people are stupid.  When I say stupid I don’t necessarily mean without having a capacity for intellect or having an understanding of higher math, English psychics etc.  What I do mean is not reasoning correctly in matters of morality and choosing between right and wrong.   These types of people have no compass for right and wrong because they have made their own standard.   God does not exist because they have made their own god which allows them to do whatever pleases them.  It’s not that they wish to possess such stupidity or be known as stupid it’s just that breaking God’s commands has become more important to them.  Their hatred of biblical values and for God has blinded their mind to do anything but break His commands (sin).

There is hope however.  We all have made mistakes and at one time or another could be and should be considered stupid.  In fact the God of the Bible says we have all broken His commands (committed sin) and deserve Hell.    However, the point I want to make is not to dwell on the past but to look forward to a remedy, the remedy should you seek it.   Because there is a remedy and the only remedy that counts.   In fact, finding the remedy and the right one is a matter of life and death.


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