Who Are the Real Chickens? A Call For Democrats to let Rush Limbaugh Moderate a Debate


Republican candidates get slandered and mocked daily for their biblically based beliefs and views by many in the Democrat media and on social media.   So when Republicans decide who gets to air their next debate is no surprise when they get labeled weaklings by Barrack Obama.

Conservatives are no strangers to the hatred and disdain the Democrats have for them especially as it pertains to views on marriage, the Bible, God, and abortion.     Let us not forget how the Democrats removed the mention of God from their party platform in 2012.   Of course, we know God cannot actually be removed from a platform or school but He can be denied as many already attempt to do.

In light of the fact Barrack Obama called the Republican presidential candidates weak, I challenge the Democrat and liberal candidates to allow Rush Limbaugh to be moderator for a debate to be aired on Fox News.   Not only would Mr. Limbaugh be fair, he would ask substantive questions not engaging in childish games in an attempt to get the candidates fighting among themselves as was seen on CNBC.

Will we ever see such a debate?  I doubt it simply because everyone knows when substantive,  relevant questions are asked it becomes clear who wants to fix problems and who doesn’t.  In a debate where Rush Limbaugh was moderator we would see just how unfit the Democrat candidates are to be president and how morally corrupt they are on many issues.


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3 thoughts on “Who Are the Real Chickens? A Call For Democrats to let Rush Limbaugh Moderate a Debate

  1. Shabrina November 4, 2015 / 6:58 pm

    Nah, they are too chicken to face Rush. They can’t even face the reality that Hilary breaks laws.

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    • TimsBlogs November 4, 2015 / 10:24 pm

      I agree, you are right


  2. ericlachlan November 7, 2015 / 1:29 pm

    Without Liberal media bias, the party would be screwed. Every GOP debate so far has been on Liberal TV, with Liberal Moderators, with Liberal biased questions. In a completely equal world, it would only make sense that the Democratic debate would be on a Conservative station with a Conservative moderator. The only problem here is that we are up against the most unfair, ignorant, and closed minded party in years.

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