Rush Limbaugh has alerted us all to something important and I want to share what he first shared with the world.   According to Al Gore, the end will be here January 27, 2016.  The culprit?  Global Warming.  (Of course the term “Global Warming” hasn’t worked out so well especially during the winter months and during a large snow storm like the one we just had so it was time to update the lie and re-term it to something a little more….subtle…..say like  “Climate Change”.)  What a great idea. (sarcasm intended)

Nevertheless Rush has had a countdown clock displayed on his website for ten years counting down from the day when the doomsday prediction was made by Al Gore exactly ten years ago.

Have a look at a video from Rush’s radio program the EIB Network on this hot imminent threat.

I know what Al Gore says is important to many believers of man-made global warming and so I thought it important to echo this alert made first by him ten years ago and thankfully was picked up by Rush Limbaugh so that many more people can be alerted to this imminent end due to a cooked earth.   However, because today is the day Mr. Gore’s doomsday prediction is to be fulfilled you may not be able to get the chance to read this post but if you are still here reading this……..

I guess Al Gore was wrong…..well, it’s still my birthday and so if you have time why not check out my website and say hi or whatever…..oh and thanks for stopping by.

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