Hypocrisy and the Democrat party


Although most Democrats are generally quick to attack Christians and Conservatives for being hypocrites for one thing or another I would like to take this time to make a couple quick observations about true hypocrisy.

I want to make three notes about hypocrisy as it pertains specifically to Hillary Clinton.   First there is Hillary’s supposed compassion and care for women while at the same time she supports and defends Islam which targets women through rape, murder, and domestic abuse in many countries.   And she makes speeches about getting even with rich people by making sure they  “pay their fair share” when she herself  and her most of her supporters in Hollywood are rich people.    Yet there is an even bigger hypocritical moment that I think is going unnoticed by many.

Hillary Clinton who is a pro abortion candidate has been ending her speeches with the words “God bless you all”. This is pure hypocrisy since her party officially removed God from its party platform in 2012. My rhetorical question then is who or what is the god she wishes would bless the people because it certainly can’t be the God of the Bible.

Tired of the lies from the politicians?   Find true hope.


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