Donald Trump: “The Law and Order Candidate”


As the 2016 Republican convention wraps up in Cleveland Ohio,  I watched Donald Trump officially except the GOP nomination for President of the United States.   Now there are probably many reasons the Democrat party is fearful if Donald Trump wins the presidency in 2016.  Although none of them are good,  their fears and hatred for Trump are not what this post is about.

However, I do want to bring up something very important that Trump said in his speech that all Americans should take note of and most definitely support.  Donald Trump said he is “the law and order candidate” and will stand up for law enforcement to fight crime.  He will fight for them and he will defend them.   For far too long we have seen a culture and a president defend the criminal and the lawless.   Mr. Trump has said he would not put up with lawlessness any longer and would defend those under assault.   He pledged to defend and protect those who could not defend themselves.  If Mr. Trump makes good on his word, every person in America should be able to support this without hesitation.  And finally, something even more important that Donald Trump alluded to was that without law enforcement protecting us each day, us giving them our support and Americans supporting the people defending our freedoms we cannot and will not survive.







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As in the days of Noah, Ark Encounter and Getting True Hope


“Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts…”   2 Peter 3:3

The Bible predicts the increase of scoffers and mockers of godly things in the last days.   The last days before judgment on the earth that will take place for mankind’s crimes against a holy God.   However, there is a way of escape from the Judgment to come.   In fact, the very way of escape is generally the object for which the scoffers and mockers direct their attacks.     We are seeing this in many ways whenever the God of the Bible is mentioned as mankind’s only source for hope or when the Bible itself is proclaimed as God’s Word.  So it isn’t surprising when another such attack is raised such as in the case of Ark Encounter.   You may have heard of it.    The Ark Encounter is a life-sized boat museum depicting an Ark like that of Noah, written about in Genesis 6-9.   This attack directed at Ark Encounter has caused quite a stir within social media and among bloggers alike.    It even caught the attention of Bill Nye (the science guy) as he recently visited the Ark Encounter for himself.

Now in the days of Noah, the Ark that God commanded Noah to build was to save any who would listen to God’s warning of coming judgment on the earth and be rescued.  This judgment was to be in the form of a world-wide flood.   There hadn’t been rain before on the earth and people wanted to do what ever they thought was right in their own eyes and so they did.  They scoffed at Noah for nearly 75 years while he built the Ark.   In Genesis 7 we read about the judgment flood that came and how only Noah’s family was saved.    God promised never to send a world-wide flood again upon the earth and gave His rainbow as a promise.   (Genesis 9)

Today Ark Encounter is meant to stand as a warning of similar coming judgment on the earth and proclaim the Christian message of hope and salvation from God’s promised wrath to come.   God is a God of true justice and holiness and evil doers will not go unpunished.   This includes lying, not putting God first, and lusting (adultery – see what Jesus said about this – Matthew 5:28).   God requires a payment (death) for the penalty of breaking His commands.    God is also a God of love.  (See how you do with the Good Person Test.)

In fact,  this message of love, redemption and hope may be considered foolishness to scoffers of God but ironically, despite people passing judgment on God for His coming judgment against evil, God is the one who provides the only Way of redemption in the first place!

More specifically God demonstrated His love when He filled a body in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.   Jesus Christ paid the penalty for yours and my sin (the breaking His commandments).   So even though people make mock and scoff at this message, and the Ark Encounter for what it stands for, only one question still remains that we each must answer before we die.   If God’s judgment against sin is real and hell exists as Jesus said (Matt. 5:22-30, 10:28, 23:33),  what will happen to you after you die?

Get true hope and get rescued, before you run out of time. 


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Why Hillary Clinton (or other Democrat) will be the next president in 2016

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Barring any catastrophic event or intervention from God, the current approval rating we are seeing for Barack Obama is why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats will win the presidency in 2016.   If at least half of the American people are liking or agreeing with the job of Obama is doing compared with their disapproval rating for him than why should one believe they wouldn’t treat any other Democrat differently?  The answer is they won’t.  Democrats protect their own–at all costs.   And as I have discussed in past blog posts, generally the leader reflects the heart of the people.  We have seen in the past two elections the people wanted Mr. Obama not once but twice and still apparently like him as president despite his defense of Islamic Jihad,  lawless acts, repeated executed orders and consistent failure to unite the country.   The Bible gets it right about the human condition.  People want sin and as the Bible says, they will do “whats right in their own eyes” and God will not be in their thoughts.  It seems natural then for a leader in a democracy to mirror those desires as we are seeing in 2016 when all rational thought and God-fearing leaders such as Ted Cruz are being cast aside and even mocked.

Is there hope?  Perhaps not in the presidency but there is hope that matters.

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