Why Hillary Clinton (or other Democrat) will be the next president in 2016

obama rating

Barring any catastrophic event or intervention from God, the current approval rating we are seeing for Barack Obama is why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats will win the presidency in 2016.   If at least half of the American people are liking or agreeing with the job of Obama is doing compared with their disapproval rating for him than why should one believe they wouldn’t treat any other Democrat differently?  The answer is they won’t.  Democrats protect their own–at all costs.   And as I have discussed in past blog posts, generally the leader reflects the heart of the people.  We have seen in the past two elections the people wanted Mr. Obama not once but twice and still apparently like him as president despite his defense of Islamic Jihad,  lawless acts, repeated executed orders and consistent failure to unite the country.   The Bible gets it right about the human condition.  People want sin and as the Bible says, they will do “whats right in their own eyes” and God will not be in their thoughts.  It seems natural then for a leader in a democracy to mirror those desires as we are seeing in 2016 when all rational thought and God-fearing leaders such as Ted Cruz are being cast aside and even mocked.

Is there hope?  Perhaps not in the presidency but there is hope that matters.

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