Donald Trump: “The Law and Order Candidate”


As the 2016 Republican convention wraps up in Cleveland Ohio,  I watched Donald Trump officially except the GOP nomination for President of the United States.   Now there are probably many reasons the Democrat party is fearful if Donald Trump wins the presidency in 2016.  Although none of them are good,  their fears and hatred for Trump are not what this post is about.

However, I do want to bring up something very important that Trump said in his speech that all Americans should take note of and most definitely support.  Donald Trump said he is “the law and order candidate” and will stand up for law enforcement to fight crime.  He will fight for them and he will defend them.   For far too long we have seen a culture and a president defend the criminal and the lawless.   Mr. Trump has said he would not put up with lawlessness any longer and would defend those under assault.   He pledged to defend and protect those who could not defend themselves.  If Mr. Trump makes good on his word, every person in America should be able to support this without hesitation.  And finally, something even more important that Donald Trump alluded to was that without law enforcement protecting us each day, us giving them our support and Americans supporting the people defending our freedoms we cannot and will not survive.







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