Why no Christian (or person who cares about life) can vote Pro Choice Democrat

obama rating

Anyone who cares about the innocent and life in general will never vote Pro Choice Democrat.    Here’s why.    If we look at the favorability rating of the latest president Barack Obama, he is running at least at 50%, if not higher in popularity. What this really means is that there is as at least 50% of the population in America who believe it is OK to murder a baby.   Hillary Clinton is gaining in popularity over Donald Trump despite her known corruption and lies in Washington.  At least 50% of the people are caring less (if at all) about lying, corruption and murder of the innocent in our society.     This also means that more and more people are saying murder of the innocent among us is OK and this will stop at here.  Why should they?

If it is OK to murder the most vulnerable among us, then they will surely approve of murdering Christians and anyone who believes in right and wrong–especially anyone who believes in the God who created the babies.   Their conscience will not rest for the evil they have done and so they must try to give it rest by changing laws and electing people like Hillary and Barack who approve of their sinful wishes.    This is why the democrat party is essentially working together with those who carry out the murderous acts of abortion and Islamic Jihad in the first place.

However, this kind of practice can only go on for so long without the corruption overtaking itself.  Of course by then it will be too late.   At this point, their will be so much chaos in the world that people will seek someone, anyone to try to fix the mess.   This person that the people will receive and rally behind will be the Anti Christ as predicted in the Bible.   It’s not a matter of if this happens, but when.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to fall for the lies anymore because there is still hope, right now before it’s too late.








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