AJ Ellis trade: Is the Dodger’s Front Office in it for just the money or something else?



Something I suspected a few years ago is that the Dodgers FO is in the game for the money and they don’t really care if the team is mediocre.   After all, they have traded away great players like Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon, Zack Greinke  while continuing a bullpen staff that needs an overhaul.  The abrupt trade loss of AJ Ellis to the Phillies has only stood to strengthened my view on exactly what the motivations of the Dodger’s FO are.

I think that the Dodgers upper management really doesn’t care if the team wins or loses as long they pad their wallets.  I believe this because the Dodgers are not in any desperate need of better hitters but this appears to be the only reason (if its not money) for why they traded away Ellis.   AJ Ellis has been a solid defensive force behind the plate, and above all, a huge morale booster for the team.   And yet the upper management chose to play Grandal more often than Ellis even when Grandal struggled.  However, the Dodgers ARE in desperate need of solid pitchers who pitch well especially in the bullpen.    But do we see a great trade for better pitchers?  No, instead they keep and rotate virtually the same set of guys they’ve had for the last 3-4 years.  It’s true that many of the team’s starters have gotten hurt even if they were already not very good but the management continues to put their faith in they players.  You know, the ones who lose a lot, are old, get hurt over and over, or came from the A’s, Tampa Bay, or the Phillies.



With the most recent Ellis trade,  I believe we will see a downward losing trend for the Dodger team this year.   I truly hope I am wrong about this but having high morale, and a positive winning atmosphere in the clubhouse is something AJ gave the team (much like Tommy Lasorda and Mickey Hatcher did in the 80’s) and it’s pretty important to have for a winning team.   If the Dodgers can’t get that back and resentment builds within the team toward the FO as many fans already have,  they team as a whole may not recover this year.   And a day after the trade it hasn’t started well.  They we’re nearly no-hit by the Giants after a recent two month long winning streak.    I hope the Dodgers prove me wrong and they bounce back better than ever and still figure out how to win even the management tries to slow them down.

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