Does Hillary Clinton Really Care about Women?


Hillary Clinton claims to care about the rights of women.

But does she really care or is this instead just another talking point in an attempt to fool the ignorant masses?

Harsh reality

Hillary Clinton has taken millions of dollars of donations from places that actually abuse and torture women simply because they are women and who in those countries are considered property.  Of course a religion is driving most of the madness and mistreatment of women.   This means that Hillary Clinton’s foundation (the Clinton foundation) supports a religion that believes it is okay to behead and murder men and women if they do not believe convert to that religion.  Hillary Clinton believes in supporting a religion that believes it is also okay to rape and brutally mistreat women.    How do I know?  Because if it wasn’t true Hillary Clinton would not have accepted money from countries which adopts such harsh realities for women living there.    In addition if her support for these countries and abuses of women was false she would be outraged by such brutal practices and that they are even taking place.  She would instead use her sphere of influence to stop such atrocities and educate people about what is really happening under such a religion.   To sum this up, she would be outraged that a religion such as Islam can be so widely protected around the world despite it’s documented daily brutalities against humankind.     (See also the

Should we be surprised?

Hillary Clinton already believes it is acceptable for people to murder babies through abortion so maybe it’s not much different to support horrifying and unspeakable abuse of women in other countries as long as we pretend it doesn’t exist (and perhaps even try to cover it up?).    After all she is no stranger to marital abuse within her own family.  She has endured the affairs and (other sexual indiscretions) perpetrated by non other than her own husband Bill Clinton.     If Hillary Clinton cared for the rights women she would be outraged when they are truly abused and mistreated.

Wondering about abortion? Watch this


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Why do millions of people support Hillary Clinton for President?


So why DO millions of people support Hillary Clinton for POTUS?   The answer is simple.  Because millions of people believe (like her) that it is acceptable and okay to murder the innocent among us.   Like Hillary Clinton, millions of Americans not only believe in abortion but in the tax-payer funded abortion of babies.    If at least half of America  (she has at least half of America’s support) did not support the murder of babies at all we would not even need to consider the possibility of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.  Period.


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Vin Scully is Baseball and a Living Legend (who will be greatly missed)

Vin Scully

A Living Legend

Imagine for a moment if a person like Elvis Presley the music legend were still walking this earth?  Well, we have such a person right now on this earth and his name is Vin Scully.

Vin Scully the longtime announcer (67 years! most of any broadcaster) of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team is nearing the end of his announcing career.   As a lifelong Dodger fan and baseball fan, I think it is only fitting I pay a tribute to Vin Scully in a post!    

Vin Scully is a living legend who I know I will miss hearing on the radio, and who will be greatly missed by sports fans and friends alike all across the world.  Now there are only two Dodger home games left this weekend where Vin Scully will be announcing at Dodger Stadium so I wanted to share a few links commemorating Vin’s life as a sports broadcaster.    

Vin Scully’s 10 greatest calls

Dodgers honor Vin Scully at final homestand

Dodgers pay tribute to ‘national treasure’ Scully

Scully pens heartfelt letter to Dodgers fans

A fond farewell to Vin Scully

Interesting to Note:  the Dodgers are only 2 games away from becoming Western Division Champions in the National League.  There are also only two games left for Vin Scully to be the Dodger’s announcer and be at Dodger Stadium.   I think a nice parting gift to give to Vin might be for the Dodgers to clinch the division one last time for Vin Scully at home!

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Rush Limbaugh: Rioting the New Normal Under First Black President


Rush Limbaugh has made an acute observation about our first black president Barack Obama.   It is something many of us have secretly come to realize but it is Rush who has made us all more aware of.  That “something” we now know is that riots (as we are seeing again, this time in Charlotte NC)  have become frequent and normal under Barack Obama’s watch.   Read the complete details about what Rush has said about this here.

 Is it a coincidence or purposeful?

Obama has allowed and do I  dare say, he has incited the violence we see around the country.   Generally speaking he doesn’t come out to condemn criminal behavior as one would expect from a president.  And more often than not, he doesn’t even come out to support law enforcement.  In fact, what we see is Mr. Obama rallying his minions (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others) coming to aid those who oppose law enforcement.    Sure Mr. Obama may call for calm during a riot but will he outright condemn the lawlessness we see against the police and lead the fight to restoring order?  We have seen eight years of Obama and the world is growing increasingly violent despite what he may say to the contrary.   In the meantime we will wait for him to speak out and oppose criminals who seek to destroy this country.    Something tells me this may never happen.

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Dead on Arrival: Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Freeze



Update:  Now that it has been nearly one and a half years since the public release of Windows 10 I will say it is my opinion and from experience many bugs (including in the anniversary update)  have been removed from or fixed in the operating system.  At this time since  using Windows 10 for nearly the same amount of time,  I can finally recommend it to you.  ______________________

So the other day I downloaded Microsoft’s newest update for Windows 10 dubbed the Anniversary update (version 1607).  After about 90 minutes for the download and install all seemed going well.  My computer restarted a couple times and then I saw it.  A fresh desktop.

The mistake was when I turned off my computer.  When I turned it back on the next day, I saw a black screen with a windows logo frozen on my screen.   The computer appeared in operable.  Figuring this was a fluke, I shut down the computer again and restarted it and after a slower than usual boot-up time,  the desktop reappeared!

Later I restarted the computer and the same scenario complete with frozen window logo over black screen repeated itself.   This time I did a disk check which reported no errors on my system.   Instead of messing with a  broken half working computer system I decided to revert back to my previous build of windows (build 1511)—a time when my system worked fine.

My question is, why does Microsoft allow an update to be released that isn’t reliable?    I read online about how they released an update “fix” to fix the update freezing issue.  The trouble is, the Anniversary update I downloaded supposedly included that latest “fix”!

Should you get the Anniversary update to Windows 10?

The short answer is no.   In my opinion it’s simply not ready.  Of course you could always try it and than do what I did and revert back to your previous version of Windows if it doesn’t work.   But I wouldn’t recommend that in case something worse happens to your computer.   And despite what Microsoft may say, the Anniversary update needs to be proven reliable before I will try it again.  However, what I did see of the latest update to Windows 10 seemed promising, even as short lived as it may have been on my machine.


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