Know Your Windows 10 Key and How to Find It


If you own or work with a computer running Windows, chances are you or someone you know has experienced a computer crash or freeze-up.  It is no fun and sometimes you lose data and personal files.   Now if you are one of the millions who have a legal and free copy of Windows 10 because you took advantage of the free upgrade two years ago, what happens if you need to re-install a clean copy of it?  Well, guess what?  You may not be able to unless you have a Windows 10 key.  As you may know with any Microsoft product, the key is essential especially when it comes to re-installing a clean copy of Windows 10.  The key tells Microsoft you have a legitimate and legal copy of the software.  And since you probably downloaded the upgrade copy of Windows 10, the key is hidden within the software.   But with your Windows 10 key you can legally activate it again!   So where’s it at and how do we get it?    Getting it is quite simple.

Get a profile of your computer with Belarc Advisor


First, you will need a profile of your computer.

  1. Go to Belarc Advisor’s website and download it.    Feel free to read the frequently asked questions under the download link to learn more about what Belarc Advisor does.
  2. Next run the Belarc Advisor and it will give you a profile of all the software and hardware on your computer.   This is completely free and safe.   When Belarc Advisor runs, a dialogue window will first ask if you want to check for new Advisor security definitions.  This is not necessary and I usually click on no.


All we are after is the Windows 10 operating system key that will show up in the profile for your computer.  After a minute or so,  a printed profile of your computer will open in a browser window (Belarc Advisor may ask how you want to view the profile).  Scroll down the page (toward the bottom) until you find the heading Software Licenses.

Windows 10 Key on the right in parenthesis! (Note: I blanked out my key for security reasons)

That’s it!  Your operating system should be displayed (probably last in the list).  And in the right column within the parenthesis is your operating system key!    Congratulations you own a legal copy of Windows 10 and now you have the proof!    Keep it safe (I saved the entire profile to a USB stick, external hard drive and wrote the key down!) You are now good to go.

If this post was helpful in any way I’d appreciate your comment.


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