4 Major Characteristics or Requirements of a Financially Wealthy Person

1. Expert in their field

The financially successful and wealthy person is good at what they do. This person knows their business and subject matter 

2. Hard Working

Many hours invested and spent working including travel time

3. Face to Face Time 

A great deal of time is spent with other people.  Human interaction is mandatory including public speaking at events and doing webinars.  Skills also include moderate to heavy phone use. The financially wealthy person probably has little to no fear of using a telephone or computer.

 4. Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement 

What I call the three E's to Excellence.  These are essential at speaking engagements and for overall business success.  After all, my wife has proven to me that success usually follows anyone who is full of enthusiasm and energy about what they do. Of course, getting others excited about it helps too.




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