A World Without Facebook: Will You Be Ready If (and when) the Lights Go Out?


Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple

If our world lost the ability to charge phones, iPads and other portable devices would you be ready?  If people no longer were able to sign-in to Facebook and connect to the internet, what would they do? In today’s modern 2017 world I hear no-one in the public eye discussing or addressing a plan for such an event.  Instead we see just the opposite.  The prominent companies Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are leading the way to the cloud also known as internet dependency.  Yeah I made that term up but it’s true.  With the cloud, these big boy companies among others are seeking to take away the ability to keep files local (on the hard drive) such as application software and games.   While the cloud looks good now and is becoming the new norm,  I believe it will be the downfall of the internet that everyone seems to be ignoring.

A World Without Facebook

Think about this for a moment.  If we only have access to files on another computer via the internet, what happens when that internet access is removed?  Where will your cherished files and applications be? Right, stuck on another computer server in some distant land.  Will you be able to insert a disc or flash drive to continue using your app?  We used to be able to.  Will you be able to access your pictures anymore?  Will your game still be playable without an internet connection?

Now it’s true, if access to the cloud is no longer available we may well have bigger problems to consider but I digress.

However, with increasing dependency on the internet to be their, our communication as a whole without the access to it will also be limited.  And unless you have access to a generator, being without electricity will greatly hinder the ability to charge a cell phone, tablet or iPad device.

A big question to ask now is why the big companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft don’t appear to care.   Just a thought.


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