One Good Thing About Hurricane Harvey


No, this isn’t a joke. Generally there isn’t much good about a Hurricane hitting the mainland but believe it or not I have found at least one good thing about Hurricane Harvey.  The good news is this: the news media which includes but is not limited to CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft won’t be leading their news cycles with fabricated fake news reports about Donald Trump, Russia or a rigged election.  Instead, for at least a couple of days we will be hearing and reading news about Hurricane Harvey as it makes its way on to the mainland.

Unfortunately, the media has sunk so low and has become so bankrupt in its quest for complete honesty and truthfulness in their reporting it has to take a Hurricane to interrupt the daily onslaught of misinformation and lies that spew from their left-wing media outlet centers. Nevertheless, a break in such reporting may have occurred and it’s a welcome pause for truth lovers everywhere.



Hurricane Harvey in the news

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