Dodgers bullpen still not ready for the World Series


1988 was the last time the Dodgers won a World Series crown and since that time the Dodgers have struggled to form a stable bullpen for late inning baseball.   Tonight was no exception as the Dodgers squandered multiple leads only to lose to the last place Phillies 7-5.   The Dodgers may well be on the cusp of clinching another division title but without stellar pitching from not only the starting pitching but the bullpen alike, the Dodgers won’t have a good chance at competing at a higher level of play.   I hope the team proves me wrong but this simply means no World Series trophies until management is serious about fixing the bullpen.

Now the issues with the bullpen have plagued the Dodgers for quite some time, which I have touched on in the past.  Of course the past 29 years have proven that the Dodgers have shown promising streaks such as earlier this year in 2017.  However, until the bullpen can be a reliable stopping force especially come the late innings, the Dodgers will continue to struggle in post-season play.

Dodgers Pen Falters yet again

The Elephant in the 2015 Dodgers’ Clubhouse

If the Dodgers Don’t

FullyFreeFilms – See what hope looks like



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