Have you seen it? Audacity is a movie you don’t want to miss out on watching

If you haven’t heard about it, there is a great film out that tackles some highly controversial issues within society today.   Without spoiling the movie, a central issue confronted in the movie is homosexuality.  This film does not gloss over the issues involved which I find refreshing especially in a day where being political correct is on so many of our minds.   It also features the best news one can ever know.  You will not want to miss Audacity and please share it with others.

P.S. I recommend watching Audacity in fullscreen mode

full movie website:  Audacitymovie.com

Let me know if you’ve seen the film and what you think!




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The ‘Graphic’ Face of Islam


It’s not really difficult to know about what Islam is and Sharia Law.  Most people know about its evil but choose to ignore, deny it or both.  Yet, simply follow Muhammad’s life and see what he did.  Muhammad’s life was marked by violence and disregard for human life.  This image,  straight out of current events, is graphic but it is the face and reality of what Islam is and specifically Sharia Law.

This article says this action by Iran is “shocking”.  But is it really? It shouldn’t be when we know the face of Islam.

See for yourself.


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