Great Organization ACLJ Needs to be Praised and Supported By All Who Love Liberty


An argument could be made that there aren’t many great organizations fighting for truth and justice in today’s world.  However, one such organization doing just that is the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).  As Chief Council for the ACLJ,  Jay Sekulow along with his son Jordan Sekulow and team of champions at the ACLJ are all at the forefront in the battle to defend our constitution.  If that weren’t enough, everyday this great organization also maintains Biblical values while they work defending the helpless and the defenseless.

In times of desperation and lawlessness we need heroes and truth seekers.  Above all, we need the truth to prevail.  Persecution of Christians in countries around the world may largely go unnoticed and be under reported in our country but the ACLJ is fighting for those who don’t have a voice.  This organization is a champion for Christians who are mistreated, abused and have no earthly defense–especially in places where owning a Bible can be a death sentence.  If you haven’t considered supporting the ACLJ perhaps you might take another look at the vital work Jay and his team are doing here and abroad.   Visit the site here.


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