Independent voter seeks to vote Trump for first time in 2020

As an independent voter, I did not vote for Mr. Trump in 2016. At the time, I felt he wasn’t going to be conservative enough. Now in 2020, we have another presidential election coming up and I plan, God willing, to vote for Donald Trump for the first time. And if you care at all about supporting and protecting our American values as our founders did, I advise you to do the same.

Two vastly different worldviews

Now unless you’re a criminal or a criminal’s advocate and seek to do evil, it’s not difficult to see why everyone should be supporting Trump as president in 2020. There are two political parties and two candidates each representing vastly different views. As it stands today August 8, 2020 one candidate defends life and the other supports death. One defends innocent babies while the other sadly promotes the murder of babies. Mr. Trump has repeatedly spoken out against the religion of death (Islam) as the other candidate continues to defend a religion that beheads, abuses women and seeks to murder any Kafir (none believer) who doesn’t follow Muhammad. President Trump supports our closest alley Israel while the other candidate does not. Trump supports law enforcement and the other party’s candidate does not (see Oregon riots, MN riots).

The right party candidate will support biblical values. The right party candidate will have a moral compass. The right party candidate will love God. And the right party has not removed God from it’s party platform as the Democrat party did in 2012.

The choice is clear

So the choice is clear. Donald Trump represents the only real choice there is for president in 2020. The alternative has sadly been destruction, death and dying. Just look at the cities Portland Oregon, Seattle, New York City, and Chicago to name a few. Besides the destruction and chaos occurring from within, what do these cities all have in common? They are all Democrat controlled cities with leadership who hates Donald Trump.

Know peace, Know Jesus

No peace, No Jesus

Tired of earthly uncertainty? Watch what hope really looks like.

Party of death

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6 good reasons I use an Ad blocker



1. To block all those pesky Ads on websites that slow down the time it takes to load your website (you know the one’s i’m talking about)

2. To keep all those Ads (I would never intentionally click on) from popping up on websites

3. To stop unsolicited advertisements from distracting from what should be an otherwise pleasant web browsing experience

4. To block those intrusive moving and flashing spammy Ads from invading a webpage article or story

5. To keep from being tricked into clicking on links disguised as something important that are actually just more advertisements

6. To block sneeky anti Trump propaganda and false advertisements from invading and cluttering otherwise normal websites.


And I should note that if your website blocks the user from viewing your site because I use an adblocker I don’t usually visit that site again.


Would you consider yourself to be a good person?

See what love looks like


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Confusion on the Left: What Does the Left Really Think about America and Trump?


Part One

Nobody can deny apparent hatred coming from a majority of liberal Hollywood stars over President Trump and America as a whole.  And that supposed anger and hatred isn’t only coming from the left in Hollywood.   Masses of Democrats across the country, led by top celebrities are mobilizing, marching and rioting to speak out against President Trump.  In fact, many folks have spoken about how terrible our country is going to be with Donald Trump as the new President.  Many Democrat leaders boycotted the inauguration of the new president.   We know of some Hollywood celebrities who have taken their apparent hatred so far as to say they would even leave the country.  So my question is, if it’s as bad as they say why do these people support mass immigration and the masses of folks who are desperately trying becoming citizens?

Seriously, if they truly hated America and Donald Trump (and his policies) as much as they claim to,  one would expect to see the left begging and helping people to get as far away from this place as they can!   But instead we see only the opposite response from them.  While many claim they will leave, they continue to advocate for people to get in.  Really?  What for? Judging from the actions of the left, this place called America isn’t so bad and we will help you get here because Trump is terrible!  Who knew such a terrible place could actually be the place everyone wants to be?


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Appeal to Anti Trump Protesters Everywhere


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Open Letter to anti-Trump Protesters Everywhere


November 16, 2016

Dear anti-Trump Protester and Reader,

First, this is an open letter to you the protester or reader.  I understand many of you are filled with deep sadness, pain, hurt, fear and great anger over the outcome of this last election. You feel betrayed by many and now are feeling scared and angry over the prospect of a Trump presidency. What does this really mean you wonder? After all, many of you hate what he stands for. Some of you don’t even know what he stands for but you have heard it isn’t good. To be clear I want you to know I am not writing this letter to defend the man Donald Trump (by the way, I didn’t vote for him).

But what I am writing this letter to say to you is that I can truly understand what many of you are feeling right now. How, you ask? You see, I have also have been dealing with feelings of fear, anger and a depth of sadness sometimes so intense I probably should just call for it is: a state of depression. These emotions and feelings are so real and sometimes cannot be distinguished between a feeling of utter helplessness and uncertainty that it makes me wonder, will it ever end? And if so, how?

At this point, I encourage you to write or comment if you can relate to any of the feelings I have described.

Sometimes these feelings of great sadness and anger can lead to sin.  If you don’t know what sin is, it is the breaking of any commands of God specifically the Ten Commandments. Ever lied? Stolen, lusted after another person? Jesus said this is the same as committing adultery in the heart. Ever taken God’s name in vain? That’s called blasphemy. Remember God sees our every thought, word and deed. Yet despite us breaking God’s commands there is still good news available for any who will listen.

Only someone perfect and without sin could pay the penalty for our sins. God paid the penalty of us breaking His commands through His Son Jesus Christ. The God Man, Jesus Christ died on a cross over 2000 years ago and rose from the dead defeating sin, and death in hell. So while I understand your deep feelings of anger, hatred, sadness, pain and fear I want you to know there is still hope and peace despite who is the president of the United States! This peace and hope isn’t temporary but has eternal value (after you die), which is all that really matters anyways. This hope and peace is a person and not just any person. This Person is not one who lies, cheats, steals and breaks promises but instead is called the Prince of Peace and His Throne is Everlasting. Thank you for listening and/or reading this heartfelt letter to you. You are not alone. There is real hope if you seek it and lasting peace if you seek Him.






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