In a Age of Fear and Uncertainty, Get Complete Access to Collection of Life-Changing Films Today


We are a living in an age of growing uncertainty and fear.   People including myself want peace, hope and calm.  And there is hope.  There is real hope and peace that is freely available to everyone who seeks.  This is not some pretend or temporary peace and hope that makes an attempt to calm the soul or numb the pain of reality but true peace that matters now and after you die.

There is new website I want to draw your attention to called  This film website brings together a collection of life-changing, and thought-provoking movies for your complete access in one place.  These films introduce the viewer to real hope and the Prince of Peace.  The films can be accessed simply by clicking on any one of the available movie posters of interest.  Enjoy the site and don’t forget to share this important collection with your friends and family!

List of Movies Available at

Atheist Delusion


180 movie

Evolution vs. God

Noah and the Last Days



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Have You Seen it? New Atheist Movie Has People Talking

If you haven’t heard of or had a chance to see Atheist Delusion you should.  With nearly as many dislikes as likes on YouTube for this movie,  I highly recommend you share and watch this movie today!


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Audacity movie

180 movie

Evolution vs. God movie

Noah and the Last Days movie