What Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Supporters Really Want

I want to submit my opinion of one reason people want Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton elected president of the United States.   Simply put they want Bernie Sanders (or Hillary) so that the crime rate will rise and people can do whatever they want as long it doesn’t involve the God of the Bible.   If you have ever talked with a Bernie Sanders supporter you will know this to be true.  Of course they will not publicly proclaim this but their beliefs about criminal activity, God, Ted Cruz, the Bible, Jesus, abortion, and moral Laws speak for themselves.

I have spoken with Bernie Sanders supporters and even know what Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters believe.   It’s not hard to know because we know because we know a lot about what Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton believe themselves.   Why would a person support someone like a Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton if they didn’t also agree and believe what they believe?    The answer is they wouldn’t just like I wouldn’t support Ted Cruz if I didn’t believe what he believed.

The reality is these people want abortion (the murder of human babies) legal and want it universally accepted by society.  They also want the rule of law gone.  What I do not know is how far the would want to go without the rule of law because this would depend on the person.  Nevertheless they want society to legally accept criminal activity and drug use including marijuana.    This criminal activity that they could and can accept would be murder, drug use, marijuana use, vandalism, petty theft, armed robbery, abortion, bringing harm to others because they already do.   They prove this by removing or seeking to remove the only standard for right and wrong that matters–God’s.


Of course moral law is also rejected by Bernie Sanders and his supporters.   This Law or standard includes anything God calls sin or the breaking His commands (the Ten Commandments).   They want to be able to do whatever they want to do without their being a law against it or the ability for someone saying they can’t do whatever it is they do–as long as it’s against what God calls good.   I know this because according to the Bible a heart without God is more wicked than imaginable and it’s limits for doing evil doesn’t have bounds.  (see Jeremiah 17:9)

It is also interesting  to note how a supporter of Hillary or Bernie (or Barack Obama for that matter) all have a disdain for biblical values and God’s law but they still know the standard they are seeking to violate.   This is because God gave us a conscience to know right from wrong even if we try to suppress it.   We know when we break or want to break God’s moral standard.   And because they know what God hates, they will fight against it that much more.   This in essence embodies the difference between what a Bernie Sander support is and someone who supports Ted Cruz.

Whether a person agrees with me or not, we are seeing a degradation of society on many levels.  People are more and more willing to accept the violence of Islam while they agree with condemning Christians for so-called hate speech.    In fact,  we see this type of propaganda when many are willing to lie in order to cover up the source for the Islamic violence we are seeing around the world all the while pretending to be more outraged about a gorilla shot to death to save a child its grasp.  These people are not Ted Cruz supporters or Christians but you will find these folks in support of people like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.    This is proof positive why people will support presidential candidates and others running for public office who reflect their own values and beliefs.   Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are a direct reflection of what so many people already believe.    However, for those with a truly open mind, there still is hope.

Would you consider yourself to be a good person? 


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