Why I support Ted Cruz for President of the United States


My Support

I believe Ted Cruz is the best choice for President in 2016.   Not that I can vote for him in the party primary election because I can’t (I live in California) but maybe you can and if so, you should be voting for Mr. Cruz.

Godly Reverence

Mr. Cruz is man who operates in the fear of God and knows that without God giving him breath and life he can do nothing.  We need men and women who fear and live in reverence of Almighty God and specially God of the Bible.    When people don’t fear God (or pretend He doesn’t exist) they will do anything even if it is what God hates or calls evil.


Compassionate and Caring but Hates Evil

I do not know Mr. Cruz personally but as a fellow person who seeks to follow Jesus Christ, I know he is a man of integrity, honesty and one who seeks to stand up for the truly down-trodden, persecuted, and victimized.   Mr. Cruz like the rest of us is not perfect or sinless because only Jesus was both, but like Jesus, I believe Mr. Cruz hates what is evil and will expose it as far as is humanly possible with God’s help.

More Reasons I Support Ted Cruz (and why you should too)

Of course, there are more reasons to support Ted Cruz for President but I only wanted to mention a few here.    For example, besides his desire to fight for this country and protect it from bad guys,  he truly cares and supports our veterans and those serving in the Armed Forces to protect our freedom.  He’s pro-life, pro second Amendment, anti-establishment, a true conservative,  pro Biblical marriage,  knows who hates us and wants us destroyed, supports Israel,  is not Obama, is not Hillary, is not Bernie,  knows the difference between right and wrong according to God’s standard, will stand up for what is right according to God’s standard and not human standards,  will fight against what is wrong according to God’s standard,  believes and trusts in our Creator God,  prays for guidance that comes from God,  knows how and where life began, and did I mention he supports Israel despite growing world antisemitism from countries like Iran that state Israel should not exist.     Let us pray and support Ted Cruz because we need true men and women of God who are able to expose what is evil and proclaim what is true.

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Liberal Democrats Hate Christians and Conservatism – Part Two


As was mentioned in part one (of Liberal Democrats Hate Christians and Conservatism), Christians, Conservatives and Black and female conservatives are no stranger to fabricated attacks.   False attacks have always occurred  in the attempt to remove a candidate from running for President of the United States.

The belief by some that liberals and Democrats care first about having a female or black leader in power quickly dissipates when it’s learned that the female or black person is a Christian and/or Conservative.  Herman Cain was falsely accused of sexual harassment in 2011 but when he dropped out of the race for the presidency the charges and reports seemed to magically disappear.  When Democrats hate and are threatened by the beliefs of Christian Conservatives regardless of whether they are black or female,  these Democrat media types must do their best to stop such people from becoming President.  They will do what they can even if it means slander, character assassination and lying.     When the Democrat media learn this potential future leader of America believes in biblical values and morals and that Christians and Jewish persecution and murder is evil nor will tolerate it,  the target they have already placed on the candidates back gets even bigger.

However, when a Democrat lies about something truly serious such as is the case with Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi-email-YouTube-video escapade in a which American citizens were murdered, we see a great attempt by the Democrat media to ignore it altogether in the hopes this too will pass.    When black on black homicide rates go up in cities across America, we don’t hear much more than a yawn out of them but when a black or minority person gets shot by a cop in self-defense, the President himself in conjunction with the Democrat media manufacturer concern about the rise of race related violence by the good guys.

In another recent decision against Christians, Barack Obama neglected to make a deal with Iran that would free Christian Saeed Abedini and other innocent Americans from an Iranian prison.  Instead he opted to make a deal with Iran allowing them nuclear weapons despite the fact we know the Iranians hate Americans, Jews and Christians.   I believe Barack Obama made this deal with the Iranians because he supports what they do and shares their Islamic faith.

We know that Barack Obama is not a Christian because the media would have destroyed him long ago, continue to shame him and he would not have become the President of the United States, twice.   However, this type of shame is being attempted in real-time against the Republican front-runners namely Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.   If Carly Fiorina becomes the front-runner we will watch the slanderous attacks come against her.    Now do we find false slanderous attacks or character assassination articles written by the Democrat mainstream against Hillary Clinton who just happens to currently be the Democrat front-runner?   I can’t even hear crickets.

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Liberal Democrats Hate Christians and Conservatism – Part One


Just by watching the Democrat media reaction to a candidate we can learn which candidates are Christian and/or Conservative and which ones are not or are fakes.  The media will attack in the attempt to destroy any person who is a true Christian, Conservative and/or has biblical values.  Pro life? Pro biblical marriage?  Fighting to save Christians and others from persecution?  You will be attacked, lied about and targeted.   In this case the person in line for attack is Ben Carson.  Before that it was Donald Trump.   Before that is was Herman Cain, George W. Bush, Michele Bachmann, Alan Keyes and the list goes on.  Currently we see the hate the Democrats and liberals have for Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina,  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.   All of these people have one thing in common.  They stand behind Christians, biblical values and hate what God calls evil.

Again the Democrat media is pretending that not lying matters to them because they know it’s important to Christians.   In this case they are doing this by fabricating a story about Mr. Carson.   This cleverly written story attempts to make it appear that Ben Carson lied about his attendance at a specific school in the past.  If the Democrats can smear a Christian Conservative their work is complete.   Even though these Christians and conservatives stand-up against Muslim terrorists like ISIS and Al-Qaeda who kill Christians, the Democrat media will instead attempt to destroy the Christians and conservatives who want to fight this enemy.    Could the Democrat and liberal media secretly be rooting for ISIS?  Could the likes of Michael Moore and Bill Maher who really hate God be rooting for the enemies of America because their goals are the same?

One proof that any person is not or not wanting to be on the enemy’s side would be their support for people who stand against the murder of innocents such as is seen in Christian based persecution and abortion.  They would instead support people who believe that such persecution of Christians, Jews and others is pure evil.  They would believe that the imprisonment, torture and murder of those who have faith in Jesus Christ can only originate from the devil himself because of his hatred of God.   They would vote for true justice where good triumphs over evil and God’s moral standards are upheld.

Next time I will visit how Democrats and liberals alike continue their false accusations against Christians and conservative candidates who run for president in their attempt to destroy them.


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