Does Hillary Clinton Really Care about Women?


Hillary Clinton claims to care about the rights of women.

But does she really care or is this instead just another talking point in an attempt to fool the ignorant masses?

Harsh reality

Hillary Clinton has taken millions of dollars of donations from places that actually abuse and torture women simply because they are women and who in those countries are considered property.  Of course a religion is driving most of the madness and mistreatment of women.   This means that Hillary Clinton’s foundation (the Clinton foundation) supports a religion that believes it is okay to behead and murder men and women if they do not believe convert to that religion.  Hillary Clinton believes in supporting a religion that believes it is also okay to rape and brutally mistreat women.    How do I know?  Because if it wasn’t true Hillary Clinton would not have accepted money from countries which adopts such harsh realities for women living there.    In addition if her support for these countries and abuses of women was false she would be outraged by such brutal practices and that they are even taking place.  She would instead use her sphere of influence to stop such atrocities and educate people about what is really happening under such a religion.   To sum this up, she would be outraged that a religion such as Islam can be so widely protected around the world despite it’s documented daily brutalities against humankind.     (See also the

Should we be surprised?

Hillary Clinton already believes it is acceptable for people to murder babies through abortion so maybe it’s not much different to support horrifying and unspeakable abuse of women in other countries as long as we pretend it doesn’t exist (and perhaps even try to cover it up?).    After all she is no stranger to marital abuse within her own family.  She has endured the affairs and (other sexual indiscretions) perpetrated by non other than her own husband Bill Clinton.     If Hillary Clinton cared for the rights women she would be outraged when they are truly abused and mistreated.

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