Does the Trump Protestors and the Liberal Left Really Care about Women?


The Left claim to care about the rights of women. But do they really care?

The recent protests of Trump’s presidential election victory have many people claiming they care about women and claim to dislike Trump because he doesn’t.

But do these protestors really care about women or is this just another case of selective outrage in an attempt to fool the masses?

Harsh reality

Hillary Clinton who many of these protestors support has taken millions of dollars of donations from places that actually abuse and torture women simply because they are women and in those countries women are considered nothing more than property.  Of course a religion is driving most of the madness and mistreatment of women.   This means that Hillary Clinton’s foundation (the Clinton foundation) and the left in general support a religion that believes it is okay to behead and murder men and women if they do not believe convert to that religion.

Do these liberal protestors and backers or Hillary believe in supporting a religion that believes it is also okay to rape and brutally mistreat women?   Apparently so since  Hillary Clinton would not have accepted money from countries which adopts such harsh realities for women living there if she disagreed.   People who truly care for women will speak out against any mistreatment of them and should be outraged at any religion or group that degrades, abuses and oppresses women.          (See also the


If the protestors and liberal left who supported Hillary Clinton are really outraged by Donald Trump and his past demeaning comments toward women (which I don’t condone) then why do these same women let men treat them like dirt in the workplace, home, on TV and in music lyrics?  Why do most women in Hollywood and elsewhere who are staunch supporters of Hillary Clinton let men walk all over them?   It’s true, these same protestors of Donald Trump work as prostitutes, advocate for or work in the Adult film industry and will dress provocatively in real life and on TV.  They essentially allow themselves be treated like nothing more than property to be owned.

Media Shows Us How It Really Is

Just a quick scan of the local and cable TV networks on any given night will demonstrate what you also already know.   Today, women are playing more perverted and vulgar parts then every before on TV and in movies.   Musical lyrics degrade women on a daily basis and the masses continue to approve of it through their purchases of the media.   Women are not only allowing this but they also create the material!   On TV they work on shows like Big Bang Theory,  Three and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Pitch, Sex in the City to name only a few which all trash talk women.   In many movies rated higher than PG, and on stand-up comedy shows the men keep abusing the women and the women continue to “accept” they’re being treated like scum.

At the same time these people scoff at marriage between a man and women, wholesome family shows of the past like Full House and the Andy Griffith show.   Old family shows like Walker Texas Ranger and Dr. Quinn Medicine Women are a thing of the past.   On TV,  channels that play vulgar sitcoms and movies appear to have no shortage of sponsors. Yet family networks like Hallmark Channel continue to play a majority of endless drug ads demonstrating to me a lack of range and overall support for the content found on the network.    If it’s true that so many people think sex and vulgarity on TV and in movies is funny why don’t they find Donald Trump’s vulgarity funny?   Answer:  They are all hypocrites and are hoping they won’t be exposed for who they really are.   (if you are curious see Romans 1:18-32  and Romans 3:23 for complete details)

Selective Outrage

Instead of supporting decency we see many people who supported Hillary Clinton.

Where’s the anger against women being verbally abused on TV and in the workplace?

Why don’t these women simply walk away from participating in the vulgar jokes of which they are the brunt of on late night TV and in sitcoms? Why do women across the country except perverted vulgarity on TV shows, in movies and trashy musical lyrics?  Once again, if nothing else proves the truest form of hypocrisy, their silence and acceptance of it all surely does.

The bottom line here is that there is not genuine outrage by neither Hillary Clinton nor her supporters because they first would be speaking out against television, music and movie vulgarity and perversion directed at women (and men) and would back only candidates who seek a higher standard.   They would not attack Christians and the Bible but seek to truly protect women as God intended.   Simply put, these so-called protestors of Trump would detest sin.     These folks would not be able to support the murder babies.   These men and women would not approve of the abuse of women found in any form, whether it be condoned by a religion such as in Islam, whether the abuse is going on in someone’s home or it’s flaunted on television and radio.

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