10 Retro Games I used to play in MS-DOS


1. Scorched Earth

2. Oregon Trail

3. Commander Keen

4. Jazz Jackrabbit

5. Battle Chess

6. Capture the Flag

7. Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

8. Jet Fighter II

9. Jet

10. Raptor: Call of the Shadows


Remember these?  Want to play the games?  You first need to download DosBox here.  (documentation on DosBox is here)  Dos Box is a MS-Dos Emulator which allows older DOS games like these to be played with your modern computer.

Next, you will need to download the games.  I prefer this site hereMyAbandonware.com

If you have any questions about getting the games going I may be able to help.  Just let me know!

Dosbox documentation



Image source: in game screenshots

Revisiting a Flight Simulator: Jet Fighter II

1992 JetFighter II

Back in the day–the year 1992 to be exact– was a time when I was getting into flight simulators among other games for the computer.  If you had an early computer such as a Commodore 64, IBM 386 PC, Apple computer or other vintage machine you remember those days.  I remember playing one game in particular called Jetfighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter.   At the time, I loved the smooth controls and clean ability to pilot the F-23.  Recently I have been able to relive the memory of flying this “great” sim using a DOS emulator called Dos Box.  With an emulator one has the ability to play old pc games, arcade games and games from older game consoles directly on a  Windows or OSX machine.  Who could imagine it, a game made for a 1992 or even 1982 computer all ready to go again on a current Windows 10 desktop!


I remember playing old games such as Jetfighter II  and thinking it was a great game although there was always the lingering question about when the graphics might improve to near photo-real.

Today in the age of PrePar3D and X-plane 10,  I think we can agree the graphics are finally getting better.

X-plane 10

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