No Photos Over WiFi: Who’s fault is it, Apple or Verizon?


iPhone/Verizon Complaint

One of my biggest complaints with the Apple iPhone (I have a  iPhone 5c) is its inability to send and receive a text message which also contains a photo (within Messages app) to and from an Android phone.  By the way, this problem occurs when connected to a WiFi only network.  In other words, if the master cellular 4g LTE data switch is turned off (from within the iPhone cellular data settings) but the phone is connected to a WiFi network, the user cannot send or receive a text message which includes a photograph.  So either it’s a current limitation of the iPhone or my service provider (in this case Verizon) or it’s something else.  Whatever the answer might be, I have been aggravated by it since the day I bought an iPhone in 2014 (and iPad in 2017).

Surprise Data Usage

So is it possible to send a photo in Messages with Cellular data turned off while connected to WiFi? Maybe someone knows.  Right now I hope so.  But until Apple (or Verizon) implements a better solution or I know how to fix it, the only work-around I have found is to keep 4G cellular LTE data turned on all the time and risk surprise data charges and usage.  The risk for incurring these unintended charges appear to come while browsing the internet, using apps, downloading apps, and overall general usage of the phone.

Frustrating Solution

Now it is suppose to be possible to control some of this cellular data usage via ON and OFF toggle switches which Apple has conveniently provided that allow specific individual control over apps.  (Safari for example can be set to work only while connected to a WiFi network and/or in conjunction with cellular LTE data.)  I say it’s “suppose to be possible” to control apps individual data usage because I have found this isn’t always the case.  Experience has taught me not to trust all of Apple’s individual ON/OFF toggle switches.  Even if all the apps have cellular data usage toggle switches set to OFF, I have seen a change in data usage despite a daily connection to a WiFi. Why? I do not know for sure.  And in general I do not know which apps or actions might be using 4g LTE data.  However, this much I do know: I don’t like surprise data usage (or the charges)!  Therefore, until Apple fixes Messages to allow photos over wifi to an Android phone and I know for sure what makes data increase, I will manually switch off 4g LTE data (from the master toggle switch) and continue not being able to receive (or successfully send) text messages with photos.


image source is my own