Tinkering with MakuluLinux Xfce


My custom Makululinux desktop

Makulinux is a distribution of the Linux operating system.   There are hundreds of distributions of Linux each offering a unique flavor of Linux.  Many distributions offer similar features and appearances while others differ by applications and tools offered with the distribution.

Desktop Environments

Each distribution can offer various desktop environments.  Many distributions or distros of Linux often feature all or a combination of the following desktop environments: Gnome, KDE, XFCE, Cinnamon and MATE  (pronounced Ma TAY).   These variations of desktop environments are most common and in my opinion are most eye appealing but there are other desktop environments available depending on the Linux distribution.    For example, the Ubuntu distro includes only the Unity desktop environment.  Desktop environments and distros for that matter, work better (or worse) on different computers depending on whether the distribution is placed on a laptop or desktop computer with a lot or a little bit of memory (RAM).

Learning Curve

The MakuluLinux version I have been using is with the XFCE desktop environment which I have found runs great on older laptop computers and also anything in-between.  This is because the Xfce desktop environment is generally suited for older computers.    However, as with many distributions of Linux there can be a slight learning curve in its overall operation, especially if you have been familiar with Windows.   After one figures out how though, Linux distributions can be customized to your liking and some even offer nice application window eye candy. One such favorite is called wobbly windows.  Move your application window(s) around and it really moves!   Makulu is also fully customizable and includes a plethora of themes.

Compiz Wobbly windows effect

Eye Candy

MakuluLinux is no different when it comes to effects.  MakuluLinux 9 32-bit xfce includes what is called the Compiz effects window manager while KDE desktop environments include the KWin effects window manager.  One thing I really enjoy about MakuluLinux (32-bit verson only) is that it includes the option to turn effects on or off with a simple mouse click depending on the speed of your computer.



MakuluLinux also features some great themes and software ready for your enjoyment.  As much as I enjoy using MakuluLinux on my old Windows XP laptop computer (without Compiz effects on due to its extra resource requirements) I will note that I have had installation trouble with the normal edition of MakuluLinux Xfce 9.

In my experience Makulu isn’t as easy to install as has been Ubuntu or Kubuntu among others– that is, without a little understanding of some basic Linux syntax.   While I already noted that installing the normal 32-bit version of Makulu 9 Xfce failed for me, installing the 32-bit Makulu 9 Xfce Lite edition did not.  The lite edition is the same as the normal edition but includes less on-board software (what I call bloatware).  Once Makulu installs however, your choice of software packages can be downloaded anytime from the included software center!

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