Is there an anti-Dodger, pro SF Giant bias with the creators of the MLB schedules?


Is there an anti-Dodger, Pro SF Giant bias with the creators of the MLB scheduling?

The MLB baseball schedule for the Los Angeles Dodgers has been released for 2019. And the Dodgers once again will end their year playing away from home in San Francisco against if you didn’t know already their arch-enemy Giants.   Coincidence? Let’s take a look.

Pop Quiz.  When was the last time the Dodgers ended their regular scheduled playing season in their home-park?  Answer: Four years ago.  And when was the last time the Dodgers had home field advantage and ended their year in their own ballpark playing their arch rival the SF Giants?  Answer: Six years ago in 2012.  Six years ago?  Coincidence? I think not.

Once again in 2019 the Dodgers will end their year playing baseball away from home (without home-field advantage) in San Francisco as they will this year in 2018. The Dodgers will have spent three of the last four years playing the Giants in San Francisco and four of the last six years playing away from home.  Coincidence? They’re sure are many.

Clearly the creators of the MLB Schedule favor the Giants otherwise they would have seen the Dodgers end their regular playing schedule at home to play another team or play the Giants at home.  Of course the Dodgers begin the year as they have many years before playing the Giants at home when it doesn’t really count for either team.  Coincidence? Maybe just anti-Dodger bias from the creators of the MLB baseball schedule.  I’m sure Giants fans will be happy with it—until we beat them in their own ball-park again.



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MLB Blackouts Not a Friend to Baseball Fans (besides they don’t make sense)


MLB Exclusivities and Blackout Policy isn’t for the fans

My team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, is on the cusp of winning another National League West Division Title but despite being a MLB mobile app subcriber I won’t be able to watch the Dodger’s broadcast of it.

Due to what Major League Baseball calls MLB Exclusivities in their blackout policy,  baseball fans like myself are kept from sometimes watching the broadcast of their favorite teams.

For example, I happen live too close (400 miles away) to the other market (SF Giants) to watch the broadcast of my favorite team (the LA Dodgers).  This means I am not able to watch a blacked-out game from the MLB mobile app (At Bat), since the game is being broadcast on local television.  This may seem understandable until we look at the details.

Does MLB really care about the fan?

Here’s the reason why I don’t believe MLB cares much about the fan but more about television deals and company rights.  While it’s true there is a broadcast of the game which in my case is between the Dodgers and Giants,  the local broadcast is from the Giants (Bay Area) network.   (Keep in mind the Giants play over 350 miles away from me.)  As a Dodger fan I do not want to watch the Giant’s broadcast and have a MLB subscription specifically so I can watch the broadcast of my favorite team (the Dodgers).

Why I think MLB could fix this issue if they wanted to

On MLB’s mobile app, the subscriber has a choice of both team’s broadcast feeds.  If MLB really wanted to fix this issue of blackouts while being fair to their customers and baseball fans, I don’t see why they couldn’t blackout the home market broadcast (if it’s broadcast on a local channel in the market area), while still broadcasting the feed from the visiting team’s network. This would allow fans of both teams access to both of team’s broadcasts.  Despite what MLB or any television network might say, I think this is how it should be.  Changing this policy and allowing access to both broadcasts,  would show they do care about the fans who want to watch their favorite team’s broadcast.

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