Revisiting a Flight Simulator: Jet Fighter II

1992 JetFighter II

Back in the day–the year 1992 to be exact– was a time when I was getting into flight simulators among other games for the computer.  If you had an early computer such as a Commodore 64, IBM 386 PC, Apple computer or other vintage machine you remember those days.  I remember playing one game in particular called Jetfighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter.   At the time, I loved the smooth controls and clean ability to pilot the F-23.  Recently I have been able to relive the memory of flying this “great” sim using a DOS emulator called Dos Box.  With an emulator one has the ability to play old pc games, arcade games and games from older game consoles directly on a  Windows or OSX machine.  Who could imagine it, a game made for a 1992 or even 1982 computer all ready to go again on a current Windows 10 desktop!


I remember playing old games such as Jetfighter II  and thinking it was a great game although there was always the lingering question about when the graphics might improve to near photo-real.

Today in the age of PrePar3D and X-plane 10,  I think we can agree the graphics are finally getting better.

X-plane 10

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