UPDATED: Frustrating problem with Apple’s iOS 12 Do Not Disturb Notifications


UPDATE 10/31/18

With iOS update 12.1 this Do Not Disturb notification bug may have been fixed!  Check it out!


iOS 12 Do Not Disturb notification reappears over and over on the lock screen—even after it’s been cleared

Pretty soon we will need an app just remove DO NOT DISTURB lock screen notifications

A great feature already present on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 is Do Not Disturb.  And in iOS 12, DND gets improved with additional scheduling modes. These modes are especially useful when you need to use Do Not Disturb  temporarily—an hour meeting  for example.  Do Not Disturb itself is all well and dandy except for the notifications that reappear on the lock screen whenever DND is enabled.  I don’t like a cluttered lock screen so it would be nice to be able to remove the DND notifications. I simply haven’t been able to find a way to make them go away for good.

In iOS 12, if DND is on/enabled, a notification will remind the user–just in case you forgot you enabled it I suppose.  One time is good.  But when you clear it by swiping left, the notification will reappear again on the lock screen sometime later (I have yet to determine what triggers it’s return). But I do wish for a way to disable/remove DND notifications altogether in iOS 12. When I find one, I will be sure to update this post.

If you do I would love your help!


So what are your thoughts about the recent iOS 12 release, and specifically the reoccurring DND notifications?  Please comment below.



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