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I know it’s not likely that my presidential candidate Ted Cruz will be chosen as the nominee in 2016.   Many reasons for that but I won’t get into them now.  (Although I would like to be proven wrong.)

But the Republican party primary is coming to my home state of California.   This would seem like a great thing for conservatives to finally get to choose their candidate.   However, as I recently discovered on my sample ballot, at least in California, if you are not officially part of the Republican party you will not see the choice available of voting for the conservative or Republican candidate of choice.

In the end who does this actually help?  I believe this only helps the Democrats.   If the Republicans really wanted to win they would want conservatives able to vote for the conservative/Republican candidates whenever possible.   They would want Conservative candidates period.    They would want people to know about them and why Conservative candidates are the best choice for this country.      Unless, as I surmise, the Republican Party is actually secretly working for the Democrats?    Could it be the Republican Establishment is actually Democratic leaning and working underneath the public hype as Democrats with a Republican name?  No matter if it’s true or not, one thing has become more clear, they have lost their way like the Left already has.

There is always the Write-In option

Now just because I am not wanting to be part of an official political party (aside from Conservative which does not officially exist in California), does not mean I won’t choose the best candidate.  I plan to write-in my choice for president– Ted Cruz and I urge others to do the same.

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Why everyone should be supporting Ted Cruz for President


Ted Cruz is not a perfect human being (only Jesus is) but I believe Mr. Cruz is the best choice for President right now in 2016.   I cannot vote for him in the party primary election being from California but maybe you can and if so, should be voting for Mr. Cruz.

Godly Reverence

Mr. Cruz is man who operates in the fear of God and knows that without God giving him breath and life he can do nothing.  We need men and women who fear and live in reverence of Almighty God and specially God of the Bible.    When people don’t fear God (or pretend He doesn’t exist) they will do anything even if it is what God hates or calls evil.


Compassionate and Caring but Hates Evil

I do not know Mr. Cruz personally but as a fellow person who seeks to follow Jesus Christ, I know he is a man of integrity, honesty and one who seeks to stand up for the truly down-trodden, persecuted, and victimized.   Mr. Cruz like the rest of us is not perfect or sinless because only Jesus was both, but like Jesus, I believe Mr. Cruz hates what is evil and will expose it as far as is humanly possible with God’s help.

More Reasons I Support Ted Cruz (and why you should too)

Of course, there are more reasons to support Ted Cruz for President but I only wanted to mention a few here.    For example, besides his desire to fight for this country and protect it from bad guys,  he truly cares and supports our veterans and those serving in the Armed Forces to protect our freedom.  He’s pro-life, pro second Amendment, anti-establishment, a true conservative,  pro Biblical marriage,  knows who hates us and wants us destroyed, supports Israel,  is not Obama, is not Hillary, is not Bernie,  knows the difference between right and wrong according to God’s standard, will stand up for what is right according to God’s standard and not human standards,  will fight against what is wrong according to God’s standard,  believes and trusts in our Creator God,  prays for guidance that comes from God,  knows how and where life began, and did I mention he supports Israel despite growing world antisemitism from countries like Iran that state Israel should not exist.     Let us pray and support Ted Cruz because we need true men and women of God who are able to expose what is evil and proclaim what is true.

Now when will Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and other prominent conservatives come out to endorse him just as Glenn Beck has already done?

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