Superbowl 50, the Panthers, the Broncos and a inexcusable replay call….


My favorite football team happens to be the Minnesota Vikings who were not playing in Superbowl 50 2016.  However, a bad call is a bad call especially when there is re-playable game video tape with multiple viewing angles.

This year’s grand football game featured a decisive play in which the Panthers QB Newton threw a pass to Jerricho Cotchery who at first glance appeared to fumble the ball.  The pass was ruled incomplete and until the instant replay was displayed showing a different story.  The throw was clearly a complete pass but the referee decided to ignore the video replay results and let the incomplete pass ruling stand.  Why? we can all surmise but it shouldn’t happen in the first place. Only two plays later the Denver Broncos would score the game’s first touchdown to take the lead.    Now I believe that it was this play that allowed the Broncos to get their first touchdown.

Now a bad call is one thing but one in which includes a video taped replay?  I don’t see how this can be allowed to happen–unless the referee has some invested interest in helping the other team win.

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