Is “the Kure” computer software really safe or another scam?


Update:  While I still won’t recommend this product for reasons mentioned in my post, I do want to note this review I located  here on PC Magazine’s website.

Additional note:  the Kure does not claim to be anti-Virus software

 Is “the Kure” computer antivirus software really safe or another scam?

What’s This About?

You may have heard about the computer software simply called “the Kure” marketed as the non-antivirus antivirus cure for your computer.  The Kure is supposed to keep viruses from infecting your computer or even touching your files.   I hadn’t heard of the Kure until I viewed a recent infomercial featuring its supposed miracle protection.

And not only is it suppose to be amazing at keeping your computer safe, the infomercial apparently demonstrated the Kure in a YouTube video doing this very thing with a supposed live virus.  So this got me wondering.  I imagine software as fantastic as this must have many great positive reviews and testimonies from average computer users like us touting its greatness.  So I decided to do a google search using the terms, the kure reviews, the kure antivirus and the kure software review, etc.   The hits or hit surprised me.  Besides the developer’s own websites ( appearing at the top of the results page,   I saw one other link near the bottom of the search results referring to this software.   This sole link contained a brief over-view of the software and a negative comment.    If results like that doesn’t cause a person to be excited for this software…..well, just count me out.

Is The Software Safe?

So now two questions remain:  Where are all the users for this great software?   And where are the reviews from reputable online magazines, blog sites and computer users like you and me?   Personally I would not want to place this software or any software on my computer without first getting trusted assurance from others it’s safe.   And neither should you.    How do we know it’s not really a virus or malware itself masquerading as your savior from them.

And so in my opinion without seeing user’s experience with “the Kure” and many positive reputable reviews I think it will be hard to sell such a product, let alone market it as great and trustworthy.

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