Vin Scully is Baseball and a Living Legend (who will be greatly missed)

Vin Scully

A Living Legend

Imagine for a moment if a person like Elvis Presley the music legend were still walking this earth?  Well, we have such a person right now on this earth and his name is Vin Scully.

Vin Scully the longtime announcer (67 years! most of any broadcaster) of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team is nearing the end of his announcing career.   As a lifelong Dodger fan and baseball fan, I think it is only fitting I pay a tribute to Vin Scully in a post!    

Vin Scully is a living legend who I know I will miss hearing on the radio, and who will be greatly missed by sports fans and friends alike all across the world.  Now there are only two Dodger home games left this weekend where Vin Scully will be announcing at Dodger Stadium so I wanted to share a few links commemorating Vin’s life as a sports broadcaster.    

Vin Scully’s 10 greatest calls

Dodgers honor Vin Scully at final homestand

Dodgers pay tribute to ‘national treasure’ Scully

Scully pens heartfelt letter to Dodgers fans

A fond farewell to Vin Scully

Interesting to Note:  the Dodgers are only 2 games away from becoming Western Division Champions in the National League.  There are also only two games left for Vin Scully to be the Dodger’s announcer and be at Dodger Stadium.   I think a nice parting gift to give to Vin might be for the Dodgers to clinch the division one last time for Vin Scully at home!

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