Ted Cruz is the Real Deal

Robert Reich probably didn’t know he had stumbled onto something when he made this video clip supposing to paint Ted Cruz as a crazy person because of his beliefs.

Yet, the exact opposite is happening.  People all over the country (and perhaps even Robert Reich himself) are realizing what maybe just really happened.   The 4 points Robert Reich mentions in his attempt at scaring people away from Ted Cruz are in fact solid reasons to support Ted Cruz for President.

All people who love God,  trust Him and believe His Word (the Bible) to be the truth, will agree with what Ted Cruz stands for especially as it relates to Biblical truth.    We cannot help but stand up and support people who stand up against evil and stand for righteousness and truth.

Today Jesus is painted as a crazy person too.   In fact, so much so He probably would be murdered again if He physically appeared,  just as other followers of Him are being murdered and tortured all over the world right now for His name’s sake.  And God says it will get even worse.  We see it happening now.

This world is filled with evil, hatred of God, murders, perversions and lies.   But you are being told this simply isn’t true.  We are told often that Jesus who is the God of the Bible can’t be trusted, the Bible isn’t true but anything and everything without Him is.   Robert Reich attempted to tell us more of the same in that Ted Cruz is dangerous because of his beliefs.   And it’s no wonder because Jesus said the devil is the father of lies.  Jesus went so far as to say true Christians would be hated for believing and trusting in Him because He was hated first.  (see Matthew 10:22, 24:9, Luke 21:17, Mark 13:13)

“And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake.”  Luke 21:17

What Ted Cruz believes and what any true Christian will believe is just the opposite of what God hates.    There are only two sides.    Which side are you on?


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