Rush Limbaugh: Rioting the New Normal Under First Black President


Rush Limbaugh has made an acute observation about our first black president Barack Obama.   It is something many of us have secretly come to realize but it is Rush who has made us all more aware of.  That “something” we now know is that riots (as we are seeing again, this time in Charlotte NC)  have become frequent and normal under Barack Obama’s watch.   Read the complete details about what Rush has said about this here.

 Is it a coincidence or purposeful?

Obama has allowed and do I  dare say, he has incited the violence we see around the country.   Generally speaking he doesn’t come out to condemn criminal behavior as one would expect from a president.  And more often than not, he doesn’t even come out to support law enforcement.  In fact, what we see is Mr. Obama rallying his minions (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others) coming to aid those who oppose law enforcement.    Sure Mr. Obama may call for calm during a riot but will he outright condemn the lawlessness we see against the police and lead the fight to restoring order?  We have seen eight years of Obama and the world is growing increasingly violent despite what he may say to the contrary.   In the meantime we will wait for him to speak out and oppose criminals who seek to destroy this country.    Something tells me this may never happen.

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Dead on Arrival: Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Freeze



So the other day I downloaded Microsoft’s newest update for Windows 10 dubbed the Anniversary update (version 1607).  After about 90 minutes for the download and install all seemed going well.  My computer restarted a couple times and then I saw it.  A fresh desktop.

The mistake was when I turned off my computer.  When I turned it back on the next day, I saw a black screen with a windows logo frozen on my screen.   The computer appeared in operable.  Figuring this was a fluke, I shut down the computer again and restarted it and after a slower than usual boot-up time,  the desktop reappeared!

Later I restarted the computer and the same scenario complete with frozen window logo over black screen repeated itself.   This time I did a disk check which reported no errors on my system.   Instead of messing with a  broken half working computer system I decided to revert back to my previous build of windows (build 1511)—a time when my system worked fine.

My question is, why does Microsoft allow an update to be released that isn’t reliable?    I read online about how they released an update “fix” to fix the update freezing issue.  The trouble is, the Anniversary update I downloaded supposedly included that latest “fix”!

Should you get the Anniversary update to Windows 10?

The short answer is no.   In my opinion it’s simply not ready.  Of course you could always try it and than do what I did and revert back to your previous version of Windows if it doesn’t work.   But I wouldn’t recommend that in case something worse happens to your computer.   And despite what Microsoft may say, the Anniversary update needs to be proven reliable before I will try it again.  However, what I did see of the latest update to Windows 10 seemed promising, even as short lived as it may have been on my machine.


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AJ Ellis trade: Is the Dodger’s Front Office in it for just the money or something else?



Something I suspected a few years ago is that the Dodgers FO is in the game for the money and they don’t really care if the team is mediocre.   After all, they have traded away great players like Matt Kemp, Dee Gordon, Zack Greinke  while continuing a bullpen staff that needs an overhaul.  The abrupt trade loss of AJ Ellis to the Phillies has only stood to strengthened my view on exactly what the motivations of the Dodger’s FO are.

I think that the Dodgers upper management really doesn’t care if the team wins or loses as long they pad their wallets.  I believe this because the Dodgers are not in any desperate need of better hitters but this appears to be the only reason (if its not money) for why they traded away Ellis.   AJ Ellis has been a solid defensive force behind the plate, and above all, a huge morale booster for the team.   And yet the upper management chose to play Grandal more often than Ellis even when Grandal struggled.  However, the Dodgers ARE in desperate need of solid pitchers who pitch well especially in the bullpen.    But do we see a great trade for better pitchers?  No, instead they keep and rotate virtually the same set of guys they’ve had for the last 3-4 years.  It’s true that many of the team’s starters have gotten hurt even if they were already not very good but the management continues to put their faith in they players.  You know, the ones who lose a lot, are old, get hurt over and over, or came from the A’s, Tampa Bay, or the Phillies.



With the most recent Ellis trade,  I believe we will see a downward losing trend for the Dodger team this year.   I truly hope I am wrong about this but having high morale, and a positive winning atmosphere in the clubhouse is something AJ gave the team (much like Tommy Lasorda and Mickey Hatcher did in the 80’s) and it’s pretty important to have for a winning team.   If the Dodgers can’t get that back and resentment builds within the team toward the FO as many fans already have,  they team as a whole may not recover this year.   And a day after the trade it hasn’t started well.  They we’re nearly no-hit by the Giants after a recent two month long winning streak.    I hope the Dodgers prove me wrong and they bounce back better than ever and still figure out how to win even the management tries to slow them down.

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Why no Christian (or person who cares about life) can vote Pro Choice Democrat

obama rating

Anyone who cares about the innocent and life in general will never vote Pro Choice Democrat.    Here’s why.    If we look at the favorability rating of the latest president Barack Obama, he is running at least at 50%, if not higher in popularity. What this really means is that there is as at least 50% of the population in America who believe it is OK to murder a baby.   Hillary Clinton is gaining in popularity over Donald Trump despite her known corruption and lies in Washington.  At least 50% of the people are caring less (if at all) about lying, corruption and murder of the innocent in our society.     This also means that more and more people are saying murder of the innocent among us is OK and this will stop at here.  Why should they?

If it is OK to murder the most vulnerable among us, then they will surely approve of murdering Christians and anyone who believes in right and wrong–especially anyone who believes in the God who created the babies.   Their conscience will not rest for the evil they have done and so they must try to give it rest by changing laws and electing people like Hillary and Barack who approve of their sinful wishes.    This is why the democrat party is essentially working together with those who carry out the murderous acts of abortion and Islamic Jihad in the first place.

However, this kind of practice can only go on for so long without the corruption overtaking itself.  Of course by then it will be too late.   At this point, their will be so much chaos in the world that people will seek someone, anyone to try to fix the mess.   This person that the people will receive and rally behind will be the Anti Christ as predicted in the Bible.   It’s not a matter of if this happens, but when.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to fall for the lies anymore because there is still hope, right now before it’s too late.








Prediction: Hillary Clinton will be the next POTUS (and why)


I posted a post related to this already but thought I would revisit it since this issue is something I feel strongly about.

Hillary Clinton or (other democrat) will be the next president in 2016 because the country as a whole has been steadily trending against God, and against law and order for our society.   Whether it’s Islamic Jihad or other terrorist act the democrats have trouble naming the source and denouncing it.   In this case the religion is Islam.  They do anything and everything to attempt to distract us, ignore and flat-out lie about this simple fact.   They do not want this to be true and so the charades continue.    They have trouble with defending the police and the “good guys” in police shooting incidents, or calling the murder of babies and other criminal behavior across the country, evil.   We see time and time again the democrats not standing up for biblical values and what is right but rather choose do just the opposite.  The reason is once again simple. The liberal democrat and the left in general do not believe in biblical values to be the right way.  And how can it be when they oppose God.

Basically, the media hates God (who represents law and order and someone bigger then themselves and Who they would have to answer to for wrong doing).  And in general the media are a reflection of the people and what a majority of the people want.     The democrat party officially removed God (of the Bible) from their party platform in 2012 which fits perfectly for a people who want to remove order and law from society.    This year Hillary is the best chance for these folks to get just that.  With Hillary or Obama they get to be able to do what they want without these supposed “rules”.    Having these types of leaders in leadership roles allows these anti God types to pretend God doesn’t care and allows them to remove laws previously setup by God-fearing people or just change laws to fit their immoral way of life.

This year, CNN alone has been airing pretty much non stop the reasons to vote against Trump (Trump who by the way, made the claim he is the law and order candidate in this election).   The media cannot have that.    They will slam Trump for a crazy comment as true or politically incorrect as it may be but ignore the past eight years of actual corruption and lawlessness by Obama and Hillary and the rest on the left.  Lately truth has not been a part of a democrat’s way of life especially if it interferes with their immoral lifestyle and God hating ways.    For example, where is the left’s 24-7 media coverage of the awfulness of abortion?   Where is their coverage of the evil of abortion at all?  We are talking about the murder of babies on a daily basis!  Where is the anger at true evil done by Islamic fascists who kill people on a regular basis around the globe?  We hear little to nothing about why this is wrong or immoral from the left because simply put, they don’t believe it is and it would undermine who they are.

If most people believed murdering babies was immoral, wrong, sinful and that the beheading of Christians and others was disgusting and the epitome of evil as it is,  we would never see another democrat pro-choice, anti Christian,  president again.  Of course having Hillary elected to continue the corrupt legacy Obama began fits right into Bible predictions of a coming anti Christ but that’s a post for another time…..

I also believe most people watch CNN by default since it is the news network that is found in just about every public venue such as hotels, motels, airports, and truck stops across this nation (unless someone changed it to Fox News when we weren’t looking).  In addition, whether a person makes Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple or their local internet service provider as the go-to news source it doesn’t matter, they will get pro Hillary and pro democrat news feeds anytime and without even asking.  Conservatives hardly have a chance when so many people voting don’t pay attention and in many cases could careless to the news unless it pops up on their Iphone or Ipad or other smart device bashing a Christian or Republican.   And so the democrat party of 2016, as it seeks to ignore Hillary’s corruption and Obama’s lawlessness, will do anything including lie and cheat to be sure Hillary wins in 2016.   I hope I am wrong about this, but mark my words I believe this with all my heart.


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